Monday, February 2, 2009

Balfarg Henge and Bilbirnie Stone circle now sit in the midst of a housing estate separated by the A92, which runs through the site. Although not the most atmospheric of locations the site is worth a visit, it must have been an important ceremonial site during the Neolithic period.

The Henge, which was thoroughly excavated from 1977 - 1978 during road widening, dates from around 3200BC, and was built in two phases.

In the first phase the ditch and the bank were constructed, these have long since weathered away. Wooden posts were erected in 6 concentric rings within the henge, some of which were around 4 metres tall.

In the second phase beginning around 2800BC, the wooden posts were replaced by stone megaliths, in two concentric rings. The site then became a place of burial for later generations, a large slab in the centre covered the burial of a young man along with some personal effects. This may have been covered with a mound, long since denuded.

Although not a site for solitary meditation on the meaning of prehistoric ritual the site is impressive none the less.



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